Anti-DVT Flysafe™ Travel Socks

Anti-DVT Flysafe™ Travel Socks
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Reduce the risk of DVT - Essential for all travellers or alternatively for those who experience long periods of inactivity. These socks help stimulate circulation by means of graduated compression and can reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Don't leave home without them.

Why you'll love Anti-DVT Flysafe™ Travel Socks...

  • Ideal for plane, coach, car and train journeys
  • Graduated compression Value Class 1, 15-19mmHg
  • Help to stimulate circulation
  • Can aid the prevention of DVT

Size's (Both Men & Women)

  • Small fits shoe sizes 3 to 6
  • Medium fits shoe sizes 6 to 9
  • Large fits shoe sizes 9 to 12

Colour Details - All sizes are available in Black, Grey, Navy and Oatmeal. (call us is your size & colour isnt listed)

Fibre Content - 63% Cotton, 27% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Helpful for - Aching Legs and Feet and Poor Circulation

Please Note: These socks are not suitable for diabetics. If you have a lot of swelling we recommend that you check with a nurse or health professional that the compression is not too much for you.